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Benefits at a glance

  • £25,000 payout for £6.99 a month for Standard Cover for a woman aged 35-39
  • Cover available for UK residents aged 18-69
  • We pay your first month's premium
  • Care Advisory Service with a Personal Nurse Advisor
  • We pay £1,000 for carcinoma in situ, a type of early-stage cancer that hasn't spread
  • No family or medical history needed
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Your questions answered

Why does it not cover all Cancers?

Some customers are only worried about cancers that relate to their gender.

What are the main benefits of Female Cancer Cover?

If you're diagnosed with a cancer in one of the specified organs covered, we'll pay:

  • £25,000 for malignant cancers with Standard Cover, or £1,000 for related early-stage cancers that haven't spread.
  • £50,000 for malignant cancers with Premier Cover, or £1,000 for related early-stage cancers that haven't spread.

We will pay a benefit of £50 per day for each 24-hour hospital stay needed as a direct result of your cancer during the first 90 days of diagnosis, up to a maximum payment £4,500.

What other benefits do I get?

On top of our one-off payment, our Cancer Cover Support Service helps you cope with the shock of diagnosis. You and your family will have access to a free phone service from the oncology team at RED ARC. A personal nurse adviser will be available by phone for dedicated help, advice and support.

You mention a counselling service. What is it?

Our policies offer access to the Oncology Support Service provided by RED ARC. The specialist oncology team can provide information and advice about cancer, including benefits, allowances, grants and work-related issues. They can provide information about appliances, equipment or specialist clothing, as well as nutritional advice. They can also arrange therapy or counselling for you and your family, and link you with other services such as local hospices, support groups or charities.

What's an invasive cancer?

For Female Cancer Cover an invasive cancer means a malignant tumour (a tumour where the cells are capable of growing and spread in an uncontrolled way and invading the adjacent tissue) which first appears in a covered organ.

Can I still be covered if I've already had one of the cancers described?

Yes. But you won't be covered for any cancer diagnosed before the start date of your policy, or any secondary cancer arising as a result of a previously diagnosed cancer. So if you've had cancer before, you may not receive the cover you need.

I already have a medical condition (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis or asthma). Can I still be covered?


What would my children be covered for?

Female children can be covered for the same organs as women, and male children can be covered for the same organs as men.

Can I cancel my Female Cancer Cover?

Yes. You can cancel your policy by calling us on 020 8915 445 or writing to AIG (Cancer Cover), Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR0 1LH. If you cancel within 30 days of starting your policy, any premiums you've paid will be refunded, less any claims. We'll pay your refund within 30 days of receiving your request to cancel.

For cancellations after 30 days:

  • if you pay monthly, we won't make any refund;
  • if you pay annually, we'll refund a proportion of your premium (less any claims), based on your cancellation date.
Will I need a medical?

No. You can take out Female Cancer Cover without a medical. If you make a claim, we may ask you to attend one.

Will my premiums increase as I get older?

They'll increase when you move into the next five-year age band. We'll always let you know in writing before any change to your payments.

Up to what age will I be covered?

While you pay your premiums, you'll be covered until the premium due-date that follows your 75th birthday.

Where would my money go if I died?

Your money would go to your legal representative.

Am I covered if I smoke?


Am I covered during pregnancy?


Are payments tax-free?

Yes. Under current UK law (April 2013), payments are free of income tax. Other taxes may apply, depending on your circumstances.