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Over 50s - Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ answers provide a brief summary of some of the policy's benefits and endorsements. For the full policy wording please read the PDF of the Policy Document.
1. Am I eligible? Back To Top
Provided you are aged 50 years or over and permanently resident in the UK.

2. What does the Plan cover me for? Back To Top

The Plan pays out a cash sum for a range of injuries including fractures, dislocations, full thickness burns and permanent disabilities such as loss of limbs or sight. A one off hospitalisation benefit is also available if an accident results in bodily injury requiring hospital confinement as an in-patient for two or more days (this benefit is only applicable where no other benefit is payable). Full details of your cover will be sent with your Policy Document.


3. What are the cash benefits? Back To Top
The maximum amount payable under this policy in respect of an insured person is £15,000 for Standard Cover and £30,000 for Premier Cover.

4. What are the benefits payable under the Plan? Back To Top

The total cover benefits are:

Fracture(s) to one or more bones of the:Standard CoverPremier Cover
Vertebral body of the spine (except coccyx)£2,500£5,000
Skull (excluding nose & teeth)£750£1,500 
Breast bone£750£1,500 
Shoulder (shoulder blade or collar bone)£750£1,500 
Vertebral arch of the spine (except coccyx)£750£1,500 
Ankle (Pott's fracture or similar)£500£1,000 
Wrist (Colles' fracture or similar)£350£700 
Coccyx (base of spine)£250£500
Rib cage£125 £250 
Hand (except fingers or thumb)£75 £150
Finger or thumb£75 £150 
Foot (except toes)£75£150 
Toe£75  £150 
Nose£75  £150 
Total Fractures Benefit payable for any one Accident£15,000 £30,000 


Dislocation of a:Standard CoverPremier Cover
Vertebra of the spine (excluding slipped disc)£1,000£2,000 
Finger or thumb£50 £100 
Jaw£50 £100
Total Dislocations Benefit payable for any one Accident£ 1,000 £ 2,000 

Permanent Disabilities     Standard CoverPremier Cover 
Loss of sight in both eyes£10,000£20,000 
Loss of both hands, both feet or a hand and a foot£10,000£20,000 
Loss of one hand or foot£7,000£14,000
Loss of sight in one eye£5,000£10,000 
Loss of four fingers and a thumb on either hand£5,000£10,000 
Loss of four fingers on either hand£3,000£6,000 
Loss of a thumb on either hand£2,000£4,000 
Loss of all toes on either foot£1,500£3,000 
Loss of a finger£500£1,000 
Loss of a big toe£500£1,000 
Loss of a toe, other than a big toe£200£400
Maximum Permanent Disability Benefit payable for any one Accident£10,000£20,000


Full thickness burns which cover:Standard CoverPremier Cover 
27% or more of the body£500£1,000 
18-26% of the body£350£700 
9-17% of the body£200£400 
4.5-8% of the body£100£200 
Up to 4.5% of the body£50£100 
Maximum Burns Benefit payable for any one Accident£500£1,000

   Standard CoverPremier Cover
Where no other benefit is payable (per accident)£50£100 
Please note: All benefits are paid tax-free under current legislation, but may be subject to inheritance tax, or other taxation.

5. Can you tell me more about the hospitalisation benefit? Back To Top
You are entitled to the hospitalisation benefit following an accident which results in bodily injury requiring hospital confinement as an in-patient for two or more days. This benefit is only applicable where no other benefit is payable.  
The benefit payable per accident for Standard Cover is £50 and £100 for Premier Cover.

6. Who can I cover? Back To Top
You can cover yourself and your partner or spouse if aged 50 years or over (see below for premiums).

7. Are there any exclusions and limitations? Back To Top
Yes, general Exclusions and Limitations can be found in the Policy Document .
The following are significant exclusions or limitations. No benefit is payable: 
  1. If your injuries are the result of a sickness or disease.
  2. If you deliberately or recklessly expose yourself to danger;
  3. If your injuries are intentionally self-inflicted

We will only pay for the bodily injury you have suffered if it is directly as a result of the accident.


8. How much does the Plan cost ? Back To Top

Single Standard Cover is £5.00 per month and Joint Standard Cover is £8.85. Single Premier Cover is £9.25 and Joint Premier Cover is £15.90 per month (including 6% Insurance Premium Tax).


9. Am I covered for injuries away from work too? Back To Top

Yes. If you suffer an injury you are covered, no matter where it takes place, as long as you reside in the UK and are not outside the UK for more than 180 consecutive days.


10. Will I need to take a medical? Back To Top

No medical examination is required to take out this Plan. We may ask you to attend one or more medical examinations after a claim if we do not have adequate information for a claims assessment.


11. Am I covered immediately? Back To Top

Yes, as soon as we receive your correctly completed web application form and we process this.


12. How do I make a claim? Back To Top

You can notify us of a claim either by phone on 020 8662 8101 or in writing to: AIG Direct, Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR0 1LH. Our opening times are 8.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.


13. Can I cancel my policy? How do I cancel my policy? Back To Top
You can cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel within 15 days of receiving your policy (or within 15 days of the start date shown on your schedule if this is later) you will be entitled to a full refund of premium paid less any claims We will provide the refund to you within 30 days from the date we receive your notice of cancellation.
If you cancel this policy after the 15 day period there will be no refund of premium on a monthly paid contract. If you paid an annual premium a proportionate amount of your premium will be refunded less any claim payments on cancellation after 30 days, as long as no claim has been made. 
You can cancel your policy by phone on 020 8915 1447 or in writing to: AIG Direct, Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR0 1LH.

14. Can you offer any advice? Back To Top
We are unable to provide advice as to the suitability of the insurance Plan for your circumstances.

15. What are your opening hours / phone numbers? Back To Top
020 8662 8101 Claims helpline 8.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday 
020 8915 1447 Customer helpline 8.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday