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    Benefits of the Plan
    • Cash payments upon diagnosis with a range of cover options available:  £25,000 Standard Cover, £50,000 Premier Cover, £75,000 Platinum Cover, £100,000 Platinum Plus Cover.
    • OR £1,000 for related early stage cancers
    • 24 hour Medical Helpline
    • Care Advisory Service
    • We'll even pay your first month's premium  
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Cancer Cover UK
Cancer Cover Insurance Plan
  • Our Cancer Cover insurance plan, previously known as CancerCare, helps take the financial and emotional pressure off you and your family following a covered cancer diagnosis. With a Cancer Cover plan, we can help you to concentrate on what matters most. 

    We have four levels of cancer diagnosis cover. Just choose the one that suits you best:
    • £25,000 with Standard Cover
    • £50,000 with Premier Cover
    • £75,000 with Platinum Cover
    • £100,000 with Platinum Plus Cover
    • For early stage cancers which haven’t spread and non malignant skin cancers, we will pay £1,000.
    It’s important to know that Cancer Cover insurance is not an income protection plan. Cancer Cover insurance policies provide a one-off payment that you can spend as you wish.
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Cancer Cover Benefits
  • We haven’t changed any of the benefits from CancerCare; and it is easy to take out a cancer insurance policy - there's no medical, and we don’t take your family history into consideration. Full claims can be made just 91 days after taking out Cancer Cover insurance.
    • A level of cover that suits you – from £25,000 to £100,000
    • We’ll pay £1,000 for some early stage cancers that have not spread
    • A hospital benefit of £50 per day up to a maximum of £4,500
    • Cancer Cover deals with a broad range of cancers with some exclusions such as previously diagnosed cancers, cancers for which you are undergoing tests and tumours described as pre-malignant
    • Access to our 24-hour Cancer Cover Support Service, offering help and advice
    • Discounts for your partner, and your children will be covered free of charge
    You need to be a UK resident, aged from 18 to 69 years. Cover expires at the first premium due date following an insured person’s 75th birthday.

Which cancers does Cancer Cover deal with?
  • Our Cancer Cover plan is designed to cover:
    1. Early stage cancers which have not spread
    2. Skin cancer other than malignant melanoma
    3. Any malignant tumour characterised by the uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells and invasion of tissue in a primary site, except tumours described as being pre-malignant or non-invasive
    4. Leukemia
    5. Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
    6. Early stage cancer within the breast which has not spread
    7. Malignant melanoma
    The benefit payable for cancer 1 and 2 above is £1,000. For all other cancers described, we will pay the one-off sum you choose for your policy – £25,000 with Standard Cover, £50,000 with Premier Cover, £75,000 with Platinum Cover or £100,000 with Platinum Plus Cover.
Discounts with Cancer Cover
    • We’ll cover your children under 18 free of charge.
    • If you add a partner to your policy, we’ll give you a premium discount for the life of the policy. All beneficiaries covered under the policy must live at the same address for the purpose of the policy.

It’s important to know…
  • It’s important to know that Cancer Cover, previously CancerCare is not an income protection plan. Cancer Cover provides a one-off payment that you can spend as you wish. No benefit is payable on cancers diagnosed within the first 90 days. 
    Cancer Cover won’t provide cover for a cancer if you have been diagnosed with the same cancer before your policy’s start date and it won’t cover cancers directly or indirectly caused by any pre-existing condition. Cancer Cover won’t provide cover for any tumours that are described as being pre-malignant. Please see policy documents for full details of exclusions.

    With our name change from CancerCare to Cancer Cover, we have given you more flexibility in how you choose which policy is right for you. Now with three different levels of cover to choose from in the form of Cancer Cover, Cancer Cover Female and Cancer Cover Male, the choice really is yours.
    If you are already a CancerCare customer, your policy will continue as normal.